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Yulia Klass

Bruce Davison

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As a victim and survivor of sex trafficking,

 Alys I. Lashley endures a lonely, desperate, and paranoid existence.  Starving, broke…her sleazy landlord begins to demand lurid favors in exchange for rent, but she can only hold him off for so long.  Then one day, a lawyer visits and reveals that Alys has been named in a will to inherit a mysterious property.  All she must do is travel to the secluded house in the cold dead of winter and claim it in person.  Alys revels in her good fortune until she finds a mysterious DVD lying on the floor of the house cellar.  Alys places the disc in the player and watches a video recording made by an uncaught serial killer and rapist.  He informs Alys that she was lured there.  Everything — including the food — is booby-trapped.  And he might still be alive.

Everything -- including the food -- is booby-trapped

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